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How we do it?

From our farm to your doorstep.

A lot goes into getting milk from our herd to your doorstep. So, we at Threlfall’s Farm Dairies would like to give you an insight on how we do it on our farm.


Starting with our herd’s diet. Their diets mainly consist of grass which provides much of the nutrients needed to keep a healthy herd producing milk.

They will either graze on the grass, or coming up to the winter months when cows spend less time outside, they will feed on the grass that was chopped and stored in the summer- this is called silage.

cows feeding in shed


Did you know that cows know when its time for milking and will start to make their way into the parlour, number 411 is always first to greet us at the parlour ready for milking time.

Our herd are milked twice a day, and once milked the cows go back to their freshly made beds, complete with sawdust. Then, their milk heads to the holding tanks ready for it to be transported to our processing plant that same day.

milking machines


The milk is then carted less than 1 mile down the road to our other farm, the dairy processing plant. Here the milk is transferred to another tank ready for pasteurisation. This involves heating the milk then it is cooled quickly.

The milk is processed into whole, semi skimmed and skimmed and passed through our bottle filler and into both glass pint bottles and plastic bottles.

It is then carted into the fridge ready for collection from your local milkman or delivered to many shops or cafes.

threlfall milk on conveyor belt
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