Our Community

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Our Community

We at Threlfall’s Farm Dairies also work hard and do our part to protect the environment.

Organic Certification

In 2023 we were approached to contract bottle Organic milk for another company. We worked with OF&G and obtained our certificate that allows us to process and bottle organic milk in glass pint bottles at our bottling plant in Hyndburn.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2023

We were pleased to be invited back to the Hyndburn Business Awards in 2023 as finalists for 3 awards. While celebrating with all the other hard working businesses in Hyndburn, we were completely shocked when we received the award for family business 2 years in a row.

Hyndburn Business Awards 2022

In early 2022 we were nominated for the Hyndburn Business Awards, along with many other amazing local businesses. We were privileged to be finalist for 3 separate awards, including food and drink award and family award. In June 2022 we attended the awards ceremony and were honoured of receiving the family business award. This was a great way for all our staff to be acknowledged for their hard work from the local community.

thomas and paul hba award

Promoting the use of Glass Milk Bottles

We at Threlfall’s Farm Dairies also work hard and do our part to protect the environment. In the dairy we like to focus on bottling milk in glass bottles. Glass bottles can be in circulation for many years. This is a great way to continue to reuse packaging and reducing the waste that many other packaging involves.

milk bottles in hay

Clean Up Projects

We have also been involved in clean-up projects on the watercourses running through our land. Cleaning up all the debris and litter carried in the River Hyndburn. We collected shopping trolleys, litter, and other waste objects in and around the river and land.

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