E & W Threlfall is at all times committed to the control of issues within the business operations, which may have an impact on the environment.
  • We will consider the use of raw materials, packaging, waste disposal etc and will strive to continuously improve efficiency and reduce the Dairies impact on the environment.
  • Reduction in environmental impact will be gained by control methods such as waste minimisation, re-cycling, purchase of suitable materials and the efficient planning of all production operations.
  • We will achieve improvements by monitoring, reporting, awareness raising and ongoing training.
  • E & W Threlfall will at all times comply with local regulations in the control handling and disposal of waste, emissions etc.
  • E & W Threlfall will at all times evaluate our suppliers to ensure that they remain compliant with the product and services they can offer.
The Dairy has Environmental Control as a Key Goal within our current business plan.

We are accredited by SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) who are in a joint venture between four main trade associations representing the UK food chain.

1.    The British Retail Consortium  (BRC)
2.    The British Hospitality Association  (BHA)
3.    The Food and Drink Federation  (FDF)
4.    The National Farmers Union  (NFU)

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